The Revolution of New Spicy Food in the Japanese Tables

‘I want to see the world.’‘I want to meet and talk with different kinds of people.’‘I want to try all the different local cuisines.’ Having these thoughts in mind I quitted my job at the age of 27 and embarked on a journey. This journey took me to 48 different countries during 3,5 years. After returning back to Japan I decided I wanted to establish my own restaurant; a place that would give me a chance to express myself. After having gained experience, I opened SPICE CAFE in 2003 in a corner of Tokyo called shitamachi, the Edo-period downtown, the place I was born and raised at.


1-6-10 Bunka Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0044
15minutes walk from Oshiage St. on the Tokyo Metro Hansomon, Toei Asakusa,Keisei Oshiage and Tobu Isesaki line




Phone Number :+81-3-3613-4020 (Available in English)
Fax Number :+81-3-3613-1228 (Available in English)
Email: info@spicecafe.info

Hours of operation

18:00 - 23:00 (L.O. 20:30)
* Credit Card: Unavailable



My concept is to introduce people in Japan to spicy foods that are yet to be available. I travel, eat food made with local spices and learn how to prepare it with the help of local people. After that I will refine the flavors and create tasty, spicy dishes for my customers to enjoy. I do not simply want to create delicious food, but everybody to think it is fun to come to SPICE CAFE to try new flavors. It is not just about cooking regular curry: my goal is to prepare food for everybody to relish. However, the mission is not complete merely when my food gets eaten, customers visit my restaurant, or even when I receive a phone call for reservation. My mission is accomplished when people get a pleasant feeling hearing the word ‘SPICE CAFE’.